09 Nov 2015

The Independent Directors Association aims at contributing together with shareholders and directors to the development of the Romanian companies

Bucharest, November 9th, 2015 – The Independent Directors Association (AAI) aims at contributing together with shareholders and directors to the increase of the Romanian companies’ market value.

The Independent Directors Association is a non-profit professional association, bringing together professionals who used to be members of Boards of Directors and to hold top management positions in private companies.

The members of the Association, as Independent Directors, offer their professional expertise to shareholders and Boards of Directors for the purpose of increasing the market value of the companies wherein they hold positions.

The Independent Director brings confidence to all shareholders and potential investors through his/her equidistant position, contributing to the balanced, ethical and efficient governance of the company. The Independent Director’s role is to improve the relationships between the involved parties: shareholders, the Board of Directors, management, employees, banks, etc., to support the set-up of efficient internal control mechanisms, to resolve conflicts, to improve the transparency of the decision-making process and to contribute to the creation of a constructive climate in the Board of Directors.

“The decision to set up the Independent Directors Association comes as Romanian companies will gradually align to the corporate governance practices of developed economies, implying the inclusion of Independent Directors in the Boards of Directors. As members of Boards of Directors, through the coaching and training sessions that we shall organize, we aim at providing real support to Romanian companies wanting to increase their value for the existing shareholders and to become more attractive for investors” said the chairman of the Independent Directors Association, Mrs. Angela Ene.

The Independent Directors Association supports the efforts of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) for increasing the corporate governance standards in listed and traded companies and wants to become the Stock Exchange’s partner for the promotion and implementation of the Code of Corporate Governance.

More information about the Independent Directors Association (AAI) is available at:

Angela Ene
Independent Directors Association

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