28 Nov 2021

Companies as leaders: 1.5 to survive

Author: Axel Kravatzky. Mia Mottley, PM of Barbados, threw out a huge challenge to COP 26, that leaders lead. Companies must step up, demonstrate leadership and be exemplars in this global effort.

The challenge of COP 26 was to bring strength through collaboration for aggressive recovery and balance of our global environment, within one lifetime.  Humans must only add as much carbon dioxide (or GHG, greenhouse gases) into the atmosphere as they can cause to be absorbed out again. There is a finite limit or a maximum amount of GHG concentration that we can allow to be reached in order to have a chance to limit global warming; the total amount can be thought of as the carbon or GHG budget of the world.

Details: Companies as leaders: 1.5 to survive

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