16 Nov 2018

European board directors to be heard in new EU forum on Corporate Reporting

Brussels, November 16, 2018 – The European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (ecoDa) will be represented in the Steering Group of the newly-established European Corporate Reporting Lab by Mr. Ossian Ekdahl, Chief Active Ownership Officer (CAOO) of Swedish pension fund AP1 and board director of the Swedish Academy of Board Directors.

ecoDa is pleased to have Ossian Ekdahl representing the voice of European directors in this new forum, where stakeholders will share best practices on sustainability reporting.

“I’m proud to represent European Directors in the steering group of the Reporting Lab. In my view, corporate reporting is important since it has a large impact on the activities of companies, says Ossian Ekdahl.
In his role as CAOO, Mr. Ekdahl is not only reviewing and analyzing a multitude of corporate reports, but he is also focusing on sustainability and corporate governance reports.

“Boards operates as leaders of change in corporate culture by setting the tone at the top. They can improve the performance and governance standards of the company by determining the most suitable methods for reporting. We are therefore delighted that the steering group will have people familiar with boards’ practices and being on the cutting edge of international development in corporate reporting”, says Irena Prijovic, chair of ecoDa.
As announced earlier in the EC Action Plan on sustainable finance, the European Corporate Reporting Lab has just been established as part of the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG), to promote innovation and the development of best practices in corporate reporting, such as environmental accounting.
Mr. Ekdahl is a board director of the Swedish Academy of Board Directors, an ecoDa member institute. He is the Chief Active Ownership Officer (CAOO) at one of the largest pension funds in Sweden, Första AP-fonden (AP1). He is a founder and current member of the Swedish Institutional Owners Association - an association made up of the 17 largest institutional shareholders on the Swedish stock market. He is also member of the Swedish Securities Council, an organization that promotes good practice on the Swedish stock market through rulings, advice and information.

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